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Auto Theft Assumption Portrayed as Fact

"Opposing the Forensic Locksmith Experts For Close to 2 Decades. Now Exposing Them as to Their Highly Questionable Methodology and Very Refutable Conclusions"



Our firm has the utmost respect and regard for Special Investigation Units working tirelessly to investigate auto theft claims. In many cases, it is them finding fraud that are keeping our insurance rates down.

There are some misguided investigators that believe that the forensic locksmith can determine as to how a reported stolen vehicle was last driven. The forensic locksmith profession is an absolute blatant ambiguous fraud in itself!

Insureds/Victims of Stolen Vehicles

We use the analogy that you wouldn't use a plumber to locate and repair an electrical short. Yet the courts qualify forensic locksmiths to testify on auto theft!!!!!!! We have a much more successful record than Plaintiff Attorneys coaching the insured in an auto theft investigation and successful resolution to denied claims without court intervention. We are not lawyers, but our clients give us the power we need to represent them in these claims. We deal in fact and not legal hyperbole. We don't take years to resolve these issues, but days, weeks and months without court intervention! Of course we have references! They are quite stunning!

Services Offered

Forensic Auto Theft Consulting to Attorneys

Automotive Forensic Training/Testing Certification For Carriers for In-House Competent Examinations

Power of Attorney Representation---- in the claims investigation process and also if the claim has been denied and the insured wants to sue the carrier. Please note, we are not attorneys, however the state statutes give us wide latitude in fighting these cases as well as negotiation of settlement.

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Our Mission


Commonly, insured's are accused of being involved with the theft of their vehicle. This paradigm begins once the forensic locksmith has submitted his subjective findings that the vehicle was last driven with what is inferred to be the insured's key or keys. The term "Key of the proper type was last used to drive the vehicle" is predominant throughout the nation. Unfortunately, there is no one on a nation-wide basis that understands the auto theft claims investigation process more than us.

It is our job to level the playing field to exploit the truth.


It doesn't matter to us if we are working for an insurance carrier or the insured. The truth is the truth. However, as addressed previously, we are the only firm nation-wide that is aware the forensic locksmith's flawed  methodology and conclusions, and will refute the experts as needed when working for the insured or a plaintiff attorney.

Please note facts here: It is a fact that forensic locksmiths use very general terminology deliberately deceiving the courts with the statement in their reports in which the vehicle was last driven with a key of the proper type or correct key. The problem: They are not specific as to which key. The insured? (If so, which one?), a thief's key? An unaccounted for key in the case of a used vehicle? Was a key needed at all to move the vehicle? They have no clue!

Yet, commonly, the "forensic" analysis on the vehicle sets the claim under intense investigation. A fraud investigation based on fraud (Forensic locksmith report). Locksmiths testifying on speculation as to how they would steal a vehicle, and not that of a car thief!




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